Apple Music in collaboration with Alexis Ffrench reveals a new classical music show called Classical Connections

Composer and pianist Alexis French is one of today's most popular classical musicians. His work taps into the vast musical galaxy-from Bach and Debussy to Hollywood, gospel and beyond-which makes him the perfect host for Classical Connections Radio, a show that takes listeners along exhilarating and often unexpected pathways through classical music.

Role Projection Technician & Playback
Director: Quba Tuakli
Head of Music & Content: Eleri Evans
Executive Producer: Nisha Mullea
Producer: Rob Jelley
Production Manager: Ada Almeida
Production AssistantL Jack Filtness
1st AD: Tristan Hefele
2nd AD: Hollie Murten
Director of Photography: David Wright
Steadicam Operator: Josh Brooks
Focus Puller: Thomas Nicholson
2nd AC: Elisa Spigariol
Video Playback: Tony Crouch
DIT: Luke McCarthy
Sound Op: Stephen Hodge
Gaffer: Phill Penfold
Desk Op: Leo Steele
Electrician: Sanjay Mistry
Electrician: Will Stuetz
Genny Op: Oscar Whaley
Rigger: Martin "Carrot" Smith
Senior Projection Technician: Jonno O'Connell
Projection Technician & Playback: Jakub Krumpolc
Production Designer: Ash Halliburton
Art Director: Jonny Savage
Props: Hana Hrzic
Piano: John Elliott
Groomer: Georgina Hamed
Wardrobe: Esther "Ginge" McRae
Runner: Freddie Goffey
Runner: Camden Roque
Runner: Sophie Jacob
Props Runner: Harrison Toward

Production Company: CAVIAR
Client: Apple Music