Muhammad Ali Fundation and REMATCH present Rumble in The Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle was an immersive production in London in 2023 that transports its audience to the greatest sporting event of the 20th century: The Rumble in the Jungle, Kinshasa, 1974. I was responsible for putting together all screen content and cinematic sequences in the show, working under the main Video Designer and directly working with all other senior creatives and with ESPN archives.
Role Assistant Video Designer & Cinematographer

Creative Director: Miguel Hernando Torres Umba
Writer: Tristan Fynn-Aidenu
Original Music: Femi Temowo
Creative Producer: Malu Ansaldo
Set Designer: TAKIS
Fight Director: Alex Payne
Movement Director: Joseph Toonga
Video Designer: Ian William Galloway
Video Designer: Salvador Bettencourt Avila
Sound Designer: XANA
Light Designer: Matt Daw
Costume Designer: Jessica Cabassa
Musical Director: Rick Leon James
Resident Director: Eden Dominique

Assistant Creative Producer: Maddy Corner
Assistant Movement Director: Stefan A. Addae
Assistant Video Designer: Jakub Krumpolc
Associate Lighting Designer: Lewis Hannah
Associate Set Designer: Yorgos Kefalas
Associate Set Designer: Piera Lizzeri
Wigs, Hair, Makeup: Dominique Hamilton
Casting Director: Selma Nicholls
Video Animator: Nathan Ferne
Graphics: PARLOUR

Production Stage Manager: Ruth Parry
Company Manager: Jason Banterman
Stage Manager: Matthew Radway
Deputy Stage Manager: Jade Hunter
Assistant Stage Manager: Jade Taylor
Production Manager: Luke Mills
Video Operator: Tom Neo
Associate Video Programmer: Caitlyn Russell
Art Buyer: Elise Lazenby
Muhammad Ali Photography: ESPN, Muhammad Ali Foundation
George Foreman Photography: Dutch National Archives, Archie Moore, Gage Skidmore